Monday, July 30, 2007

Things are Changing

Starting Today things are changing at St. Andrew's. We are in the process of going through a renovation. The renovation will take place over the next several weeks.

So, this starts many to wonder where will services be held and what does this mean for me as a parishioner?

Ok here are a few of the facts that we now know:

Services will be held in Hanover Hall at regularly scheduled mass times.
Also, if anyone needs the chair lift it will be operational to help assist people downstairs.

Another thing that we know is that the church will be getting this new face lift to provide us with an appropriate place to worship. The committee has consulted with a Liturgical designer to help with the modifications.
A few things that our Pastor(Father Gene) has mentioned:

The church walls will beupdated to have a finished look and not just a brick face. The pews will be taken to be refinished and polished.
The Carpet will be taken up and replaced with a gradiation of the color purple from the Sanctuary to the Verstibule.
The Tile will be taken up and replaced and all signs of Asbestos will be removed.
The finishing on the Stained glass will be changed to have a wooden look.
The Stations of the cross will be adjusted to have frames and background to bring enhance the wooden design.

These are the things to make the Church feel more like a church.

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